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Aldrich Cardiovascular Institute


7978 Cooper Creek Blvd.

Suite 105

Sarasota, FL. 34201


Phone: 941-359-8900

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Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM


Cardiac disease is the number one cause of death and can also, more importantly, cause significant loss of a happy, productive life.  Women with cardiovascular disease have been a heightened topic of major media and professional literature. We are innately aware of this and consequently plan to be attentive to women with cardiovascular risk factors and possible disease.We at Aldrich Cardiovascular Institute are not only capable to take care of patients with established cardiac disease but want to keep those patients with significant cardiac risk factors healthy for life.  The future is upon us and now we have at our fingertips, simple chemistry tests that can hint of cardiac and vascular disease. This allows more aggressive management of risk factors and lifestyle modification.  Take time to get to know your heart and allow ACI help YOU live the life YOU want.